Best of 2011…

So…I have been spending a lot of time figuring out exactly what this blog will be about.

The danger of something like this is that if you don’t pick a specific topic and stick to it, you will end up writing three page essays about your trip to the supermarket…and nobody wants that. I decided that as this blog has a pretentious film quote for a title I may as well go the whole 9 yards and make it a pretentious film blog, which means I won’t be talking about films like The Whole 9 Yards…

My Films of 2011

Submarine – Submarine was an extremely funny, charming coming of age story which had quite a bit in common with Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. Although Submarine doesn’t feature anyone with the comedic talent of Bill Murray it does have a more believable protagonist in Oliver Tate and in my opinion a lot more heart.

Drive – Nicolas Winding Refn’s first American film is without doubt his best and with a stand out performance from the always awesome Ryan Gosling it is sure to be a cult classic for years to come. Finest moment? For me it has to be at the end of the motel scene when Gosling’s blood splattered face moves slowly and ominously out of shot. Chilling.

Hugo – This in my opinion is the greatest use of 3D in cinema yet and the best 3D film I have ever seen. Hugo is basically Martin Scorsese showing us all how much he loves cinema and why he loves it so damn much, it’s a beautiful film and a must see in 3D.

Midnight In Paris – Okay I feel I should say straight up, I am a massive Woody Allen fan. I love pretty much everything he has done, from Annie Hall to Hannah and Her Sisters through to Sweet and Lowdown and even Whatever Works. So it really is no surprise that I absolutely adored Midnight In Paris as well, in my opinion Owen Wilson is the best Woody Allen stand in there has been and the time travel aspect worked a lot better than I had initially expected. Special mention goes to Adrien Brody for a scene stealing performance as Salvador Dali.

Blue Valentine – If you don’t know this about me already you’re sure to find it out once you start reading this blog, and that is that I have a serious man crush on Ryan Gosling. Not only is he (in my opinion) one of the finest actors of his or any other generation, but he is in a band that are actually really good and he is cool as f*ck. Anyway, Blue Valentine seems to have been left off many end of year lists and the only reason I can think of for this total miscarriage of justice is that people thought it came out in 2010, after all it did have a limited early January release and it did not get as much press as a film of it’s calibre rightly deserves. It’s almost been a year and I am still struggling to fathom just how the Gos failed to get even a nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars. I can’t and won’t end this without mentioning Michelle Williams (who incidentally did receive recognition from the academy for this performance) who’s performance was breathtaking to say the least. The two leads along with director Derek Cianfrance succeed in creating one of the most gut wrenching and brutal pieces of relationship cinema ever committed to film. All I can say is role on 2012 and the next Gosling/Cianfrance team up “A Place Beyond The Pines”.

And my Person of the Year is…

The Gos in Drive

Are you surprised? How could it be anyone else? He had shown before this year that he was an incredible actor (The Believer, Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl etc.) But this year the man has starred in four films (Blue Valentine, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love and Ides of March) two of which made it onto my films of the year list and each performance couldn’t have been more different from the last. He has inspired a host Internet meme’s, a protest was sparked outside the office of People Magazine when they foolishly over looked him for sexiest man alive, he made a white satin jacket look cool and his dog has a Mohawk…a MOHAWK!

Do I need to continue?


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