Is Michael Bay killing the blockbuster?

“Too many blockbuster movies nowadays seem to be made by people who hate cinema, who have seen too few movies, and who have nothing but contempt for the audiences who pay their grotesquely over-inflated salaries” – Mark Kermode

These were the main characters in a film about giant robots...

That quote is so true. But the disturbing thing is that it seems to be what most people want. The last Transformers film grossed over a billion at the world box office…that is probably the most depressing thing I have ever written. Michael Bay has a lot to answer for, people defend him by saying that sometimes you don’t want to think about a film (no idea how that’s a defence) , you just want to see giant robots fight and huge buildings explode. All these points are ridiculous, the Transformers films feature barely any robot fighting action and when things do kick off you can’t even SEE what’s going on because the camera work is so shaky and the cuts are so quick.

I have no idea how people get enjoyment from a Michael Bay film.

this was awesome.

But it does not have to be this way! There have been some incredible big budget blockbuster films out the last few years, most notably Chris Nolan’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and of course Inception. These were huge action packed blockbusters that offered a compelling story and great CGIless action. Peter Jackson has also shown with the Lord of the Rings and King King that big budget blockbusters can still have a captivating story and make ridiculous amounts at the box office. I’m also a fan of what Marvel are trying to do, although I would like to see them change the format for future releases as their films are getting a bit predictable.

So to answer the initial question, No I don’t believe Michael Bay is killing the blockbuster…but he is giving it a bloody good try.


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