What’s the deal with…

all the Michael Cera hate?

I don’t get it, sure he plays basically the same character all time but so do a lot of actors. He’s funny, likable and has been in some very good films; Superbad, Juno, Youth In Revolt and my personal favourite Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

He's also clearly a total ladies man...

He also appeared in what I think is one the of greatest sitcom’s of all time in Arrested Development, a show that was to clever for it’s own good at time. I mean all the way through season’s 1 – 3 hints at Tobias’ african-american heritage are dropped all over the place and the joke was planned to come to a head in season 4 when Tobias’ father would visit. The plan was that Tobias’ father would be a big black guy a “Carl Weathers type if you will” and had this happened all the time’s Tobias described his “type” as being a black guy would have finally made sense – we’d finally realise that joke wasn’t that he was gay it was that he genuinely thought he was black. But I’ve gotten completely off topic….

how can you not love that face?

Michael Cera is funny dammit! Maybe the fact that I went so off topic while talking about him answers my own question? Well a glance at his IMDB page shows that he currently has four projects in development they are The End of Love, Magic Magic, 13th Grade and the long-awaited Arrested Development film. So it’s good to see all the negativity and naysayers don’t seem to be having an impact on his career.

So yea he is obviously never going to win any Oscars but as long as he keeps starring in films as funny as Superbad or as innovative as Scott Pilgrim he should be in line for a long, relatively successful career.


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