So Last Night I Watched…

Angels Crest

So Angels Crest tells the story of a small town in the Rocky Mountains that is ripped apart when a father (Ethan played by Kaboom’s Thomas Dekker) is charged with negligent homicide after his three-year-old son Nathan freezes to death. The two were out on a trip when the Ethan decided to go track a dear and leave Nathan sleeping in the truck. The son managed to get out of the vehicle, get lost and the next day he is discovered by Ethan dead. Once the father is charged everyone in the town reacts differently to the situation, with some being more understanding than others.

There is a very good/interesting idea at the heart of this film, there was a lot of potential to do something great with the set up. But once everything has been set up and the story should start to really get going and pull you in it just… doesn’t. I think a lot of the blame rests with the writer, the characters never really develop into fully formed people and it is damn near impossible to care for them. The performances of the actors are okay but nothing special, I actually thought Thomas Dekker was really good in Kaboom but I was a little disappointed with him in this.

All in all it was a little disappointing, but I will be keeping an eye out for the directors future work.


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