Sherlock creator Steven Moffat Radio Times Interview…

Okay so Sherlock series 2 has been over a couple of weeks and I don’t think anyone is anywhere near to being close to figuring it out. Steven Moffat did an interview with the Radio Times this month, the following is what I thought were the most interesting bits.

“Get used to a bit of starvation. We’re making movies – those six films we’ve made could go in the cinema. You can’t factory produce that – it’s a different kind of show. So, when we’re good and ready – it won’t be that long – but when we’re ready, you’ll get the follow-up.”

“I fondly imagine it’d be nice to stop it for a while and come back and see what they’re like in their 40s or 50s. Because normally these two characters are portrayed in their 50s. So we’re actually at the beginning. It might be interesting in a couple of decades when they come back and [we] see what they’re like.”

“We knew we had this cliffhanger coming, we knew that we were doing ‘The Final Problem’, and we did not want people to know that he survived. We wanted to wind the audience up so that the final shot would have the impact that it evidently did. We were commissioned for series two and series three at the same time, but we decided to keep it under wraps that day that series three was in the bag.”

I’m glad they plan to take their time with it, I’d hate them to rush out a third series and for it to suffer a dip in quality, because for me it’s the best thing on telly. I also really love the idea of bringing the cast back in 20 – 30 years to see how the characters have developed and what they are up to. Let’s just hope that when series 3 does eventually hit our screens that it’s as good as (if not better than) the first two!



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