My Next Short Film…

okay so myself and my good friend Eugene Risdon are currently deep in pre-production for our next short film, tentatively titled The Break-Up.

As you may have guessed from the title it is about a couple that are in the midst of a break up, but there is oh so much more to it than that (so much more that I will not spoil for you good folks here). We have re-drafted and finished my original script(ish) and are currently casting, finding locations, planning shots etc.

In fact Thursday night we met with a mate of ours whose going to be drawing up the storyboards for us as neither of us can draw…at all. I might at some point post up the preliminary storyboards we had done, and if anyone thinks they have seen a finer stick man I want to see it! So it goes without saying we are eternally grateful to be friends with a talented artist who is willing to help us out for free. In fact it’s the same guy that did this…

that is our title card/logo which you will see at the beginning of all of our films. But, where are these films I hear you scream? Well we have three completed shorts, but to be honest they were more practice shorts where we honed our skills and figured out what was the best way for us to work as a group. This next film we are currently making is going to be our first attempt at “going public” and we are planning to take it to film festivals, which means we won’t be able to post it online, as a lot of festivals don’t accept shorts that have previously been released on the internet. But that said, there is another idea we are working on that I think will end up being the video we use to launch our website/general web presence.

So keep an eye out for Eject Films, as it’s a company (I hope) you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future.


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